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Flax Mane Boys

Duke and Rooster

Duke is a handsome chestnut stallion with a flax mane a small star and an extra dash of grit! Rooster is a stocky bay stallion.  Together they have had a high time the last several years rebel raising and tag teaming fighting every harem stallion they see. They would wait near the water tanks, picking fights and keeping everyone’s teeth on edge. 

Spotted several times over the winter of 2020-2021 in Barcus Creek they were still a band of two against the world. 

Sometime in early spring of 2021 they acquired a bay mare with a foal. She looks so pleased with Duke! They are very protective of their small band and the shoe is now truly on the other hoof! The older harem stallions have not forgotten a single nip and are not hesitating to give as good as they got. 

Duke and Rooster are now on the defense, isolating, threatening, fighting and retreating. No doubt not giving a thought to their old ways! 

In early summer the foal, who we now know is a colt, frolics around Duke, the mare grazes and Rooster patrols the perimeter keeping watch on all of them.

Now a gray stallion, much larger than either Duke or Rooster, has been dogging them for several weeks. His size is so intimidating! The gray was eventually successful in his attempts to breed the mare. But Rooster did manage to dart in and deliver a vicious bite to the gray’s hindquarters during the act!  Afterwards they all grazed their way up the canyon like nothing much had happened.

Will Duke and Rooster manage to keep the mare? Will they be able to lose the gray? 

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