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Hercules And His Band

Hercules joined the world and the Barcus herd in the spring of 2012. He is one of the most known and watched for stallions on the range. He has an easy going way about him but can be downright fierce when warranted! He is quite content to hang about with his harem while lazily grazing or getting a drink of water. But he does not hesitate to lay down the law when he feels things are going too far! 

In 2020 he had two colts that were all about mock fights and he spent a lot of time calming things down only to have them back at it a short time later. 

For several years, the lead or dominant mare of the band has been Shovelfoot, named so for her deformed hoof. Shovelfoot has gone missing over the winter of 2020-2021. Her yearling colt is still with Hercules as of June 2021. The colts have moved on and there are some nervous nellies in the band now. Hercules sometimes looks askance at them as if to say, “it’s just a photographer no need to fret” and presents his profile for a portrait. 

Hercules052021_DSC5199 copy.jpg
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